About Us



Phixwala is the Brand Name of Aastha Fintech Private Limited. Phixwala have been came up with the intention of developing the Tech investment Option where the greatest motive of the company is to build a channel of an associates where the required can get his requirements fulfilled. We bring into the digital platform where support related to debt market could be obtained to all the retail investors. Since years, company is servicing their valuable customer providing them the equity service when there was no awareness of Debt Market. Company is associated in servicing and building clients wealth since 2003. As it always said that you need to change with the Market and technology changes so Following the change in Business Scenario we have also started seving our customers with adding one more segment of Investment - Debt Investments. Company is providing all sort of Debt Investments - (i) All Types of Bonds (ii) Invoice Discounting (iii) Non Convertible Debentures (iv) Asset Back Leasing (v) Corporates Debt Leasing (vi) Venture Capital. As the investment scenario changes people are always fond of an investment which can provide them the fix rate of returns unlike Equity Market. 


Value Chain







A good investment is like a good friend who you can rely on at the time of need. We believe in not leaving you alone in the moment of decision for your customers. Our vision is to get multiple associations where the awareness of fixed income investment gets enlighted. We believe in basic principles which have been always enchanted the way and multiplying the trust of our associates. We believe yor customer as our own customer.  



We target the fixed income side of the portfolio with an all-inclusive, trustworthy digital platform for selling and investing in fixed-income securities, through reasonable and objective guidance. as a professional we ensure structured and transparent workflows, enabling our valued potential investors and associates to analyse, monitor, manage investments, and track each transaction in the portfolio with ease.